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Rating/Warnings: R. Character death, some violence, a little sex. 
Ships/Characters: Anya/Cas (in a casual, friendshippy way), very light Illyria/Eve, Death, Chuck, Crowley, Fred. Mentions of canon ships (and I define Castiel's love for Dean as canon).
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and I make no profit from this. 
Spoilers: To the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and up to the start of season seven of Supernatural.
Author's note: The setup of this is that Anya, Illyria and Castiel are dead. The thing is that Anya and Castiel died on screen, and Illyria didn't. And I didn't really  keep up with the canon after Angel was cancelled. But Illyria has to die at some point, right? So, she's dead too.  Also, for the purposes of this story, the mythologies of Supernatural and the Buffyverse are reconciled only to the extent that they absolutely need to be, and might not entirely add up. If you think there's a hole or inconsistency in the mythology, I probably realize it's there. But I didn't want to focus on the mythology too much, because really, this is just about the characters. I also realize that the way Heaven is represented doesn't exactly fit with canon either.
Summary: Anya, Illyria and Castiel have died, and have to answer to The Powers That Be (Chuck, Eve and Crowley) for both the good and evil they've done. While that's going on, Anya and Illyria and Cas get the chance to hang out togther.  You know you want to read it!
Word Count: ~21,500
Feedback: Yes please

Adrenaline coursed through Anya's body as she cut down the oncoming BringersCollapse )


I decided to start a new blog to comment on social and political and feminist and life stuff on a regular basis. It will definitely include some pop-culture commentary, and at some point I intend to do a post about representations of masculinity in Supernatural, and possibly contrast it with BtVS. I want to write something about the role of women in Supernatural too. Eventually. Coming up much sooner will be an essay about Muslim feminism, and a review of the Lady Gaga concert that I will be seeing in a week (yay!).

It's called Hysteria(!). Please check it out!

I have enjoyed my time on Livejournal. Thanks for reading!

This tortoise's happiness is infectious


via Cute Overload


Ga ga ooh la la

Bad Romance is the most viewed video on You Tube. I think part of the reason for this is that IT'S THE BEST FREAKIN' SONG EVER!!1!!1!

If you have any doubt as to the quality of the song, check out these two acoustic covers:

It's an emotionally powerful hooky song that translates well to a bunch of different genres. If I could only ever listen to one song for the rest of my life, this would be it. m

just saw Iron Man 2 trailer!

I really like comic book movies. I love the mythos of comics. I love that while they're fantastical they also try to communicate something universal. And I love analyzing and deconstructing them, because they tend to present ideals of masculinity and ideals of what it means to be American.

So I was looking forward to Iron Man 2. Now that I've seen the trailer (which can be viewed on the website ironmanmovie.com) I'm really looking forward to it. I had no idea about the casting until now. I knew that Terrence Howard wasn't coming back, but I didn't know that he had been replaced by Don Cheadle - Hotel Rwanda Don Cheadle -  who is just such a good actor, he evokes such sympathy. And that the villain is being played by Oscar-winner Mickey Rourke! And Scarlett Johansson too! On top of the returning cast, the movie is just packed with top actors. It seems like it's going to be good. I hope the same is true for all the other Marvel movies slated for the next couple of years, seeing as they seem to be tying them all together with The Avengers.
In John 8:1-12, Jesus discourages the people from stoning a woman who committed adultery, and himself refuses to condemn her. He basically casts Leviticus 20:10 aside and lays down forgiveness and tolerance as the new rule.

Do "Christians" like Lauren Ashley really think that the same would not go for Leviticus 20:13?

The fundamentalists issues aren't about God. They're about maintaining patriarchal power.

A few less pithy thoughts on  the Bible and homosexuality, and gender below the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

Also: House

I've also started watching House again, and I've just caught up to the latest episode.

All the moralizing bugged me. I got where it was coming from, but it still seemed kind of extreme.

Taub is hillarious, he's a fantastic character.

I really like Lucas. He reminds me of Oz. But more verbose. I'd like to have Lucas as a friend.

Also, Chase is a pretty, pretty man.


Supernatural: Why do tv writers hate me?

Just watched "Abandon All Hope"

I have to say AUGH!


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Finished Fanfic

A Demon, An Angel, And A God-King Meet In The Afterlife
Anya, Illyria, Castiel; R; ~21,500 words
My triumphal return to writing fanfic. I am now obsessed with Supernatural and Castiel. I thought it would be fun to see how he'd interact with Anya and Illyria, so I wrote this.

Fire G/J; FRT/PG; 1280 words
I love this, I think it's very prettily done, and different from the standard post-"Passion" death/angst.

Stalwart and True Gen; FRT/PG; 12 072 words
Award-winning, praise-garnering masterpiece by moi. After "Lies My Parents Told Me", focused on Giles and Buffy's relationship.

Four Things That Never Happened to Giles in a Kitchen, and One that Might've G/J; FRT/PG; 3840 words
For antennapedia's Rupertus Domesticus ficathon, I spend some time in my AU where Jenny never died. The family Giles never had.

Five Things that Never Happened to J. multi-ships; FRT/PG; 14 895 words
It seems that a pretty good way of determining if you're going to die on the Hellmouth is to check what letter your name starts with. Is it "j"? Sorry, you're out of luck.
Link goes to fanfiction.net

Carnival of the DeadGen; FRT/PG; 940
Random dream-fic that people ended up liking. Will be given a re-write eventually.

5 Loves
As it sounds, five fics about one character in five different ships.
G/Deidre, G/E implied, G/J, G/O, B/G, G/OC. 2905 words. PG13/FRT.

Drabbles and Ficlets
This is what I've written thus far for the fan 100. FRT/PG

4 Giles
7 Buffy
9 Xander, Willow, and Scooby
11 Buffyverse
Too Much - Xanya

The crazy, crack-fic-y adventures of kitten!Giles. Will probabably never be truely complete. Ever so slightly B/G; FRC/G; 1177 words collectively
theicons that started it all
A Different Spell
Kitty-Cat Eyes
Tooth and Nail
The Princess and the Kitten

In-Progress Fanfic

Trust G/J; FRT/PG; 12 410+ words
London, 1985. Giles and Jenny meet twelve years before Sunnydale. Giles is flustered and adorable; Jenny still has a lot of maturing to do.
8 of 12 chapters complete

Fated B/G; FRT/R; 1000+ words
Kinda post-apocalyptic-y. Spoilers for Informant's Buffy season 8. But you don't need to have read that to enjoy this.
3 of approx. 10 chapters complete

Nuclear Fission G/J; FRT/PG13
There's a new demon in town. Human-looking most of the time, it "mates" with women before sacrificing them to its underworld masters. Meanwhile, Buffy is thrown for a loop when she receives an invitation in the mail... to her father's wedding. At the same time, her relationship with Riley is straining as his commitment to the Initiative comes into conflict with his commitment to her. In the midst of all this, Giles, Jenny and Ani seem to be living the dream, and proving that happiness is possible on the Hellmouth. But all is not well in paradise...
2 of approx. 17 chapters complete

Waking G/J; FRT/PG13
Giles returns to the Hellmouth on a mission, and unexpectedly finds something he thought was lost forever
2 of ??? chapters


Pan's Labyrinth
Disney's The Little Mermaid
Harry Potter
BtVS icons
Ats icons

Specially themed icons
Kitten icons
No One Mourns the Wicked
Faith wakes up from her coma to find no one missed her
I'm Not That Girl
Elphaba!Willow, Fiyero!Xander, Galinda!Buffy
I'm callous about my favourite ship
Looking Back...
The Scoobies, how far they have come.

still_grrr entries

001 New Season
three Inara icons, two of which are prize-winning!
002 Before
First impressions of characters from the Buffyverse
003 Minor Characters
Mr. Universe, Merl
003 Minor Characters
004 Minor Characters
Skip, Rack, and Badger
007 Minor Characters

001 New Season
"A Season In The Life" - Cordelia, PG for mild swearing, 284 words
002 Before
"She'll Always Be With You" - Illyria, Spike, and Lorne, 260 words. Second place winner!
007 Minor Characters
"Five Ways Jesse McNally Never Died" PG, 922 words.
007 Minor Characters
"Five Steps to Falling in Love" - Giles/Jenny, G, 996 words
008 Serenity
"Wallflower" - Serenity, Mal, G, 135 words
008 Library
"Signs" - Scoobies, G, 279 words